With over 65 years of experience in both residential and commercial properties, there's a reason people all over the Central Coast choose McNamara Realty to manage their property. Below you'll find information on what we provide.

Below is introduction to what we offer our owners. You can also download the .pdf brochure of our owner services.


Our office handles the collection of all rental payments for your property. Delinquent rents are subject to late fees and penalties as outlined in lease agreements. In certain cases where rent is extremely late, we are equipped and experienced to begin the eviction process. For most properties, we have the capability to accept automatic payments from tenant checking accounts as well as credit card payments. Current tenants also have the option to log on to the online portal to view their payment history.



Owners are provided with fully itemized income and expense statements along with disbursements. If requested we can also take care of additional payments (such as mortgage, HOA fees, taxes, etc.) at no additional cost provided funds are available. Copies of all invoices and receipts may be provided if requested. Owners are also provided with year end statements.


Our in-house maintenance team quickly and efficiently respond to general maintenance concerns. Requests for maintenance at a unit can conveniently be made by tenants online 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.


Periodic exterior and interior inspections are made by management with proper notification to tenants. In addition, prior to extending lease renewals to tenants, our office performs rental unit inspections to ensure proper care and maintenance of the property.


Our experienced office staff performs credit checks, rental history & employment verifications and personal reference checks. Our goal is to select the most qualified applicants for your property while taking into consideration the best fit for your unit.


"Thanks to Mike and his team of very supportive hard working professionals, we are able to enjoy the benefits of condo ownership without the worries or headaches. Mike's team is not only responsive to each and every concern we or the tenants have, but they follow up with detailed information and solutions if required. We would recommend McNamara Realty to anyone who wants to rent or purchase in the San Luis Obispo area." 
  - Fred & Catherine A.

"McNamara Realty has been managing my properties for over 12 years and I have been extremely happy with their services. The environment that they create for both applicants and tenants has always been warm and inviting while managing to maintain a consistent level of professionalism. I highly recommend McNamara Realty for all your property management needs." 
  - Devin G